We Have Met The Enemy………..


I’ve had lots of fun lately giving the chrolls a big dose of their own medicine.  Today, however, the chrolls are not the biggest “enemy.”  Unfortunately, the greatest examples of negativity toward Taylor are coming from within, not without.  To borrow a line from Pogo creator Walt Kelly, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


I usually keep to myself, other than the occasional chroll safari.  I read a couple of blogs and participate in a couple of message boards from time to time.  Lately, though, it’s been hard to avoid all the dissension coming from several Taylor sites.  Some of his “fans” are treating Taylor just as badly, if not worse, than the depraved chrolls treat him.  One blog in particular got me riled up enough to come out of my comfy hiding place for a response. Someone referred me to all the discord at It’s All Grey.  However, I am directing these ideas at not just this blogger, but at all of those who are maliciously belittling Taylor day in and day out.


I didn’t read much at It’s All Grey.  All the bad vibes give me a headache.  This is my reaction, for the most part, to Taylor Hicks Part Deux.  I’m sure this blogger probably doesn’t give a rat’s rump what I think of her blog.  That’s OK.  It’s just something I felt compelled to say.  Afterwards, I shall return to my quiet little web existence.


FYI ~ 


Ø     Taylor discovered his affinity for music when he was just a kid.  You were not there.  He did it all himself. 


Ø     He spent 10 years discovering his musical identity while playing bars and clubs.  It wasn’t an easy life, but he made it without you.


Ø     He seemingly came out of nowhere to knock American Idol on its ass.  I don’t know if you contributed any votes or not, but I’ll bet he’d have succeeded with you or without you.


Ø     He released what I found to be a very good post AI album.  It didn’t sell multimillions, but it had a respectable showing.  I don’t know if you bought one, but for the sake of argument, we’ll say you did.  I don’t think you’re one album could make or break Taylor’s career.


Ø     He toured the album with a hand picked, kick ass band.  Did you go to one concert….. 4…..12…..more?  Even if you went to all of them, I think Taylor would have been just fine if you had stayed home.


Ø     Taylor took on the role of Teen Angel in Grease.  He was a huge success on Broadway.  Are you one of those people who couldn’t wait to make the trip to NY, or are you one of the ones who blasted Taylor for doing musical theater
Either way, he was very successful.  It really didn’t matter how you felt.


Ø     Taylor was so excited to get back on the concert stage at Martyr’s Saturday night.  He wanted to share his music with his fans.  All he asked was that there be no audio/video recording until the album is released.  Several shrewish fans pitched fits, as if Taylor owed them bootleg videos of his works.  Most other artists don’t allow this.  I see that you got some very poor quality videos and have decided to show them anyway.  This time, you should have stayed home.  Taylor wouldn’t have noticed.


Ø     Taylor is bursting at the seams with pride over his new album.  The first single, What’s Right Is Right, is being released January 27th.  Of course, you’ve got to be the first one to say how awful you think it is.  You are quick on the draw.  The song is “not right”…..”rehashed” ……..”not much to get excited about.”  One of my favorite lines from your little review of the song……I’m not sure what I was hoping for, but this wasn’t it.”  There again, Taylor was writing from his heart/soul.  I doubt you even crossed his mind when he penned the words to any of his songs. He remains true to himself.  You don’t even enter into the scenario.



You posed a question at the end of your blog.  “Why does he make it so hard to be a fan?”  He does no such thing!  Taylor is very serious about his craft.  He is protective of his works.  Like all other human beings, he has bad days and bad moods.  For the most part, however, he is enthusiastic and joyful about his music.  He shares that joy with those of us who know our places and are content to let him take care of his own business.  I have no right to tell Taylor what he should be singing, where he should be singing, what career moves he should be making.  I have no right to demand that he allow me to tape performances that he specifically does not want taped. 


Perhaps you can’t deal with the joy and happiness Taylor shares.  You do seem to thrive on angst and dread.  If sturm und drang is your thing, maybe you should take a stroll on over to Daughtry land.  He won’t mind selling another album. You might even be able to push him around a little. And somehow, I get the feeling you’d be right at home with HOvi and her ill tempered, bashing, thuggy chroll buddies.  Just a thought.


I guess I would sum all this up by saying that I believe you presume your role in Taylor’s life and career to be much grander than it is.  Or perhaps the truth is that you really don’t care about him one way or the other.  Could it be that you are caught up in the pseudo-celebrity of internet blogging?  Maybe, just maybe, the negativity about all things Taylor, which you drone on and on about in the guise of “Taylor fan” is to draw more attention to…….YOURSELF!?



49 Responses

  1. CCC I bow to your insight and excellent observations.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. You are right Taylor did it his way and never not one time thought of this person. Taylor does his music from the heart. I am with Taylor all the way to the finish line.

  3. Thanks, TAH. City Sidewalk, I hope I make it to the finish line with you guys!

  4. I get tired of the ones who want to be in charge as far as Taylor is concerned. My best advice is for them to SHUT THE FUCK UP and enjoy!

  5. Thanks CCC you outlined and explained perfectly what is going on. There are too many topics one can choose to feel “important” on blogs/internet. Totally agree with everything you’ve said. Just wish these enemy fans would disappear forever or force themselves to succumb to the great music.

    Hats off and major Kudos to you.

  6. DAHotter, I have to say that this came rushing into my brain after I read a post of yours somewhere on the same subject. You inspire me, DAHling!

  7. Keepin it real Says:
    January 20, 2009 at 10:13 AM edit
    I get tired of the ones who want to be in charge as far as Taylor is concerned. My best advice is for them to SHUT THE FUCK UP and enjoy!
    Keeping It Real!
    I think you’ve come up with the perfect title for Taylor’s next album! 😉

  8. This is the best blog yet…KUDOS CCC
    I will never assume to beleive that Taylor will gear his career towards my wishes. I am a realist that knows Taylor does it HIS WAY. And Taylor has never let me down. I am a fan…and a very proud one. To put it in Taylors words..”I’m in it for the music” And Taylors music soothes my soul. I am truly on this ride for the music. When Taylor CHOOSES to let us have pics, videos..whatever is an added bonus. When he chooses not to, I agree with that also. Taylor, I am ready to go The Distance…thanks for letting me hang on for the ride of my life.

  9. Great blog CCC. Some of those asswipes that only think of themselves must have a very dull life, especially Snowstorm, aka SecretStare, aka Candy144. In Taylor’s and her myspace, she thinks Taylor’s in love with her. Yet in this IAG blog she criticizes, and downright bashes him, almost like hatred.

  10. Can I get an AMEN!!!!!

  11. MyBelle,

    Isn’t it ironic how she can bash on one hand and then believe her own delusions? 😆

  12. Only if Taylor married one of them would they have a say in what he does. I don’t see that happening but Candy144 sure thinks she has a shot, LMAO.

  13. Like Taylor is going to marry a fan. 😆 After the nutters went batshit crazy over him having a girlfriend, I just don’t see him ever going public with a SO any time soon.

  14. You said it absolutely perfectly ccc. Great read, and totally spot on.

  15. I just put on my lead apron and gas mask so I could deposit a vulgur rant from someone called Josie in the old spam box. She is now the scrawler of 3 of the 4 entries in spam. This most recent one was especially enlightening. I filed it under “people who curse, bash and resort to personal attacks because they have nothing intelligent to say. Keep trying, Josie. Maybe eventually, you’ll make it past spam.

  16. Well, I just got the lead apron and gas mask put away when I received another toxic message from someone called Candy144. I have a feeling she took the same writing course that Josie took. At least you gals can keep each other company in spam.

  17. She and HOvi have a lot of things in common. 😉

  18. Stupidity is one of them. Obsessiveness is another. They both want Taylor so much they can’t stand it but he wouldn’t touch either of them with a ten foot pole.

  19. I think SS is the loon that pretends she’s 28 on IAG, when in real life she’s actually at LEAST 38! She forgets what she had on her myspace a year ago!!!

  20. Best Taylor blog I’ve read in a long time, CCC

  21. Love your blog ccc. Finally, the truth is spoken.

    Candy and Josie in spam jail together. Tell her not to play with herself too long or she’ll go blind.

  22. Did you put a mirror in there so she can secretly stare at herself?BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass either what it’sallgrey has to say
    either. There is some censorship there as well. Open minded does not equal censorhsip.

    Does that exist on your blog CCC? Missing comments and links that was once posted?

    • 15mins…after the time I’ve had with my computer, it wouldn’t surprise me if some stuff was missing. About a week ago, everything was posting double. I finally just reformatted the silly thing. Still not back to normal, but much, much better. Ooops! I do see one thing that i missing….. 🙂

  24. Bravo, Chrisscrosschroll, Bravo!

  25. Mirror? Ack! Can you imagine the fright that would be, to have that looking back at ya?

    Run Taylor, Run like hell!

  26. CCC, Exactly what I have been saying, couldn’t agree more with what you said. This sense of entitlement and all knowing of what should or shouldn’t be is just wrong, he has payed his dues and this CD is the product of all his hard work. The single is just beautiful as the rest of the CD will be. Thanks for posting this!! 🙂


  27. I wonder what the posters would think at IAG if they knew that Snowstorm/Secretstare was indeed middle-age, just like those that she was bashing the other day saying Taylor needs younger fans. She’s probably older than the bulk of the posters. Maybe she’s got a dual personality since she thinks Taylor’s madly in love with her, yet she bashes and criticizes his every move. Move over dearie — you’d be the last in line. He wouldn’t look twice at you. Maybe she could listen to Jimmy Buffet while she’s waiting in line – lol!!!

  28. Funny, She told us she was 28 years old.


  29. Funny, She told us she was 28 years old.
    Maybe ten years ago!!

  30. Josie was going by Rosie on the BB, back when Tay announced he was doing Grease. It is Snow and she likes to get people worked up.

  31. If BB Rosie was SS then I still want to know who the other Rosie is. SS/Rosie supposedly followed the other Rosie onto the blogs and cussed her out but remained in spam jail but the only Rosie living in my spam jail is Rosie/? Candy144/SS if all of this is true I’d like to know why you never came to my blog and cussed her out, I feel a little left out.

  32. CCC I love this blog and you nailed it all.

  33. Josie was going by Rosie on the BB, back when Tay announced he was doing Grease. It is Snow and she likes to get people worked up.
    And now she’s going by Glamour at mjs bashing Taylor’s new single. She also said negative things about him last week at mjs — boy this middle-age hag gets around!!

  34. Can you imagine holding a grudge (THAT long) against an honorable man like Taylor Hicks? What in the world is wrong with these women? Really? I believe the film, “Long Hot Summer”, a line was….”Oh the hate that left me in there and the love that took me out.”…..Wouldn’t it be just wonderful, if these sour, rude, hateful women, just GAVE UP? Went on their way and found another entertainer to be obsessed with? I would really LOVE to see that happen. As long as Taylor is loved, they will hate. Sigh.

  35. Rosie,
    How would you be privy to that infomation about WHO the Rosie was on BB? Don’t think you’ve ever answered that question before nor given any info on who the other Rosie was? It seemed you said you knew nothing about the other “Rosie” who was using your name. I find it odd that the “other” Rosie didn’t show up elsewhere, unless BHG has her in her blog spam jail as she said? I am… Just curious. 🙂

  36. Believe me – Taylor knows all about these haters/bashers who call themselves fans, and he’ll stay clear of them if they attend any of his shows.

  37. What I have said in the past is these folks if they ever go to see him will want him to respect and be nice to them, shouldn’t it work both ways?


  38. OMG, Jeanni and BHG, give it a rest. For the last time, I came over to Asses and introduced myself, because You, CBB and Esmie were talking about a BB rosie and saying you knew she was not a fan. I still have never been on the BB. I wanted to let you and others on Asses know that Rosie wasn’t me. Some of us thought it was Dah, using Rosie. Yasm/Y’all/Youallarescaring me , said she thought it was secretstare/candy going by rosie on the BB. Then someone names Josie was leaving cursing rants on Asses, calling us nuts, liars, etc. Since Josie is in CCC spam, due to people saying Snow is Candy/secretstare, I put two and two together and think they are all the same. The whole thing got Dah on my case, because I falsely accused her as posing as me. FYI, Josie/secretstare/ who then came to Morphs and called herself, TheReal Rosie, admidted to me it was she who was using rosie on the BB, and being negative to get the gals there worked up. We made amends, and I really don’t care if she is Snowstorm on IAG, as I like to have discussion about Taylor. I have always been positive about him and yes it is true, I only came on the blogs last summer, but have been a fan since day 1. Snow/ secret/josie, stopped using rosie in Sept. It is me who is in BHG”S spam, and lets not debate the reasons why. I do not know why fans can not get along, even if they have different opinions. In an ideal fandom, Grey’s group should feel free to go to Chills and give opinions in a respectful manner and visa versa, and words like Kool Aid, loon, crazies, nut jobs , haters etc. should be banned. Then perhaps fans would not need to change their names, with the times or the blog. There will always be those that do so for one reason or another, and sometimes as I said just to get people worked up, or because they been banned. But put yourself in my place, I’ve gone only by Rosie/Rosem15, yet some did and apparantly still do not believe that. Most of the posters on this blog enjoy sparing with Dah and her group and visa versa. That is fine with me and often I read both to see how it is going, and it is fun and causes no real harm. Dah is obsessed with Taylor and even Idletard, realizes that. Sorry for such a long post, but please Jeanni and BHG, stop talking about me.

  39. I agree with what jersey said about respect going both ways. The fact is, Taylor is a HUMAN BEING who works his ass off, and any human being being picked apart daily, down to the fucking bone by people who think they know better than he does about his decisions, and constantly spew basically about how epically stupid he is, because they crave attention, simply doesn’t deserve that. Period. They act like he did something to them PERSONALLY by not doing exactly what THEY want as opposed to what he wants or needs to do. It’s selfish, pathetic, and small.

  40. Snowstorm changed her myspace to private which admits she is indeed Snowstorm, aka Secretstare/Josie/Candy144. What a nasty two-faced know-it-all bitch she has turned out to be — has the hots for Taylor on her space and her blog, yet bashed the hell out of him on other blogs: mjs and IAG!

  41. kmab,

    Taylor did do something to them personally, he had the gall to date someone who wasn’t them. That seems to be the trigger to most of the online insanity within the fan base. He kind of killed their fantasies and dashed their delusional hopes of romance. 🙄

    Now some of the tearing apart came from a handful of people who tried to hitch their wagon to Taylor’s gravy train and when that didn’t work out they turned vicious and vengeful. My suggestion to those vultures, find your own way to make your $$$$$$$$.

    As far as SS/and all her personalities, it’s not the fact that she has this delusion that she and Taylor had this secret moment but the hypocrisy of her posts. She has derided Taylor about his looks, style of dress, and song choice for years. She said he should be a Rob Thomas clone back when he was on AI and just afterwards. He did do a Rob Thomas song and I don’t think she was too pleased with it though.

    She has called Taylor’s fans names for years and derided the various fans for their age, weight and looks. She’s not who she pretends to be. She’s older than several of her online personas, she’s not as beautiful as she claims. She’s just average at best, which is fine really. Most people are average. If she would learn that beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes to the bone she might would change some of her nastiness.

    If some don’t like the new album that is fine. Deal with it and move on to an artist that meets your needs. There is no need to trash him day in and day out. The beauty of music is that there is something out there for everyone.

  42. You are very wise TAH. Right on.

  43. taylorarehot,

    Same with itsallgrey. Every blog she writes, she takes a swing at someone or a group of people. But if you call her on it she
    deletes the comment. Kind of like DAH. She just maybe looking for her 15 minutes of fame as well. That’s if she continues to be nasty towards people. She seems to get worse as each day goes by.

  44. So Snowstorm is denying she’s Secretstare/Candy144/Josie!!! Strange that they’re all from Rochester, NY and all hate Jimmy Buffet??? Strange that she also changed her myspace to private when she was found out and posted: “Josie is telling you to get a life!”

  45. Cantgetany Says:
    January 20, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    Love your blog ccc. Finally, the truth is spoken.

    Candy and Josie in spam jail together. Tell her not to play with herself too long or she’ll go blind.



    I was just reading back through this post, and I’m so glad I did. I missed your comment before. It just occurred to me what this means. LMAO

  46. Hovi the biggest hypocrite of the them all is having a meltdown in her “territory”. She owns all of cyberspace, you know.

  47. After the Taylor tweets last night I remembered this blog and think it is appropriate to post again.

    There was a reason he said what he said about a couple “fans”. Just sayin’

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